Yanesen is an increasingly popular destination for domestic and international travelers because of its retro and down-to-earth appeal. In this article, we spotlight 4 dessert spots and cafes where you can taste traditional Japanese sweets in Yanesen.

  1. Sample Shaved Ice, a Summertime Favorite, at “Himitsu-Do”

Sample Shaved Ice, a Summertime Favorite, at “Himitsu-Do”

source: ヒトサラ https://magazine.hitosara.com/article/22/

Shaved ice is a necessity during Japanese summers. While you can find them across Japan, the shaved ice at Himitsu-Do is known for being a head above the rest. Himitsu-Do only uses the best ingredients, including natural ice, which produces a fluffy texture, and home-made toppings. Owing to its popularity, Himitsu-Do regularly has lines during the summer. The store is compact, but has a retro-charm that complements the architecture of Yanesen. Try out Japanese flavors like Uji Kintoki (green tea with azuki bean paste) while you’re there!

About Himitsu-Do

Popular Menu Items

Himitsu’s Strawberry Milk, Uji Kintoki, etc.

Store Hours / Scheduled Closures

Store Hours

11:00 (10:00 on weekends)~20:00 (closes at 18:00 on select days during Oct. thru May; opens at 9:30 during the summer)

Scheduled Closures

Closed Mondays (and also Tuesdays during Oct. thru May)

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  1. Nennekoya: Play with Cats in a Retro Setting

Nennekoya: Play with Cats in a Retro Setting

source: Campfire magazine https://mag.camp-fire.jp/16329/

Cat cafes exist all over Japan and Nennekoya is one such example. However, not many are decorated like Nennekoya – its retro look is inspired by shitamachi culture (shitamachi refers to working class neighborhoods in low-lying areas of Tokyo). The café is stocked with cat goods and will satisfy cat lovers alike. Note that cats don’t live in the café, so you’ll need a little luck to encounter the friendly felines. This is a must-visit spot for cat enthusiasts!

About Nennekoya

Popular Menu Items

Nyancurry, Nyapolitan

Store Hours / Scheduled Closures

Store Hours

Day Time Hours: 11:30 – 17:00

Night Time Hours: by reservation

Scheduled Closures

Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays

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  1. Taiyaki Worth Waiting for at “Nezu no Taiyaki”

Taiyaki Worth Waiting for at “Nezu no Taiyaki”

source:  Keep it simple http://macoto.blog.so-net.ne.jp/2010-06-18

At Nezu no Taiyaki, a line starts forming at noon sharp and the taiyaki typically sell out within a few hours. Taiyaki are traditional Japanese sweets – a crispy outer, shaped like a fish, envelops an anko filling. Nezu no Taiyaki is a local favorite and, according to sources, there’s been a line every day since it opened in 1957. The thin, yet chewy skin coupled with the plentiful anko is simply irresistible and you’ll find yourself reaching for another one. For the complete Japanese experience, sip on a cup of green tea with the taiyaki!

About Nezu no Taiyaki

Popular Menu Items


Store Hours / Scheduled Closures

Store Hours: opens 10:30 and closes when taiyaki sells out

Scheduled Closures: Closed Tuesdays, Fridays and select holidays

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  1. Kayaba Coffee: Eat Breakfast in a Renovated Folk House

Kayaba Coffee: Eat Breakfast in a Renovated Folk House

source: Matcha  https://matcha-jp.com/jp/112

Kayaba Coffee is a popular café located in the Yanaka area of Yanesen. It occupies a renovated folk house and has a homey, retro ambiance. The café is open from 8 AM to 11 PM, so you can drop in when it’s convenient for you. We recommend ordering the morning set that’s only available during breakfast time. The set includes a heavenly egg-on-toast, which uses bread sourced from a local bakery. Kick start your day with a gourmet breakfast at Kayaba Coffee.

About Kayaba Coffee

Popular Menu Items

Morning Set, Egg Sandwich

Café Hours / Scheduled Closures

Café Hours

Monday through Saturday 8:00-23:00

Sunday 8:00-18:00

Scheduled Closures

Closed year-end and new year’s

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Overview of Yanesen


The Yanesen area comprises the three neighborhoods of Yanaka, Nezu and Sendagi. This area has recently received attention for its old-school charm; accordingly, tourists and residents alike are visiting Yanesen at an increasing rate. It’s a perfect spot to experience Japanese culture.

Directions from Closest Station by Subway and/or Bus

Himitsu-Do: 4 minute walk from JR Nippori Station West Exit

Nennekoya: 4 minute walk from Nezu Station on Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line

Nezu no Taiyaki: 5 minute walk from Nezu Station Exit 1 on Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line

Kayaba Coffee: 10 minute walk from JR Nippori Station

・Travel time from Haneda Airport, Narita Airport and Tokyo Station

55 minutes from Haneda Airport / 60 minutes from Narita Airport / 20 minutes from Tokyo Station


If you want to go to Yanaka with the local person, you can also join our tour, “Nostalgic Town Walk Yanaka”. The local guide bring you to Yanaka shopping street and really good shops and cafe not many people know about, and you can try to take Japanese bath (Sento).