For those planning a trip to Tokyo, Japan, eating Tokyo’s local food is a Must-Do thing! We will introduce you to the local food in Tokyo you have to taste if you ever come to Tokyo. When you imagine the food in Tokyo, you must be imagining the most advanced dishes are the only Japanese food available, however, there are many traditional food restaurants and cooking classes in Tokyo that you can be exposed to Tokyo’s food culture available to you. Please keep these as a reference for your next trip to Tokyo!

The dish known to the world now, “Sushi” – You can even experience making sushi with locals in Tokyo

We don’t even have to mention, when you say Japanese food, you will think sushi, when you say sushi, it has to be Tokyo. If you ever come to Tokyo, we want you to enjoy and savor the sushi. Even if you think it’s a simple sushi, at Tokyo, they offer many different ways to enjoy it. First off is the revolving sushi bar. If you simply walk around town, you’ll see many revolving sushi bar franchises. If the restaurant offers affordable sushi, the cheapest you can find is one plate, with two pieces on it for the price of 108 yen, approximately more a less than a dollar in America. (We must say this is a very affordable and reasonable price for eating delicious sushi!) Other than that, there are the high quality sushi restaurants in Ginza. These restaurants only make the sushi upon ordering, so after ordering, a sushi chef specifically assigned to you will create the ordered sushi one piece at a time with care.

What we want to recommend to you last is Sushi Making Experience. You will be able to learn the history, and the proper way to shape the rice and fish from a professional sushi chef. Of course thesushi you make will be tasted by everybody in class. >Find Popular DIY making Sushi Classrooms in Tokyo

“Ramen Noodle” the Battlefield of Ramen Restaurants in Tokyo, those surviving local restaurants are Excellent without any Doubts

As mentioned in a different article, Tokyo must be one of the most competitive battlefields of Ramen restaurants. Due to it’s high competitiveness, the fighters change daily. When you come visit Tokyo, please try some Ramen at lunchtime!

The Interesting Traditional Must-Eat Local Food, “Monja Yaki”

Monja Yaki is a local food in which flour is mixed with water, and flavored with sauces. Along with that, you can mix vegetables, seafood, or even pork. From the Edo Era in Asakusa, it was known for commoners to be eating this Monja Yaki and also, it is thought to be the origins of the well-known takoyaki and okonomiyaki. Even though this was considered a snack for the commoners in the past, it has went through an evolution to the point that it has become a splendid dish now. If you are interested in eating the monja yaki in Tokyo, please visit the Tsukishima area. Along with the townscape, you should be able to enjoy the history of the monja yaki.

Existing and loved since the Edo Era, it is the Samurai’s Favorite Local Food, “Soba”

Soba is made from the buckwheat nuts which are processed to soba flour and is one of the traditional noodle dishes from Japan. Soba is loved from the country and depending on the regions of Japan, it is eaten in different ways. Although almost everybody in Japan loves soba, the local people in Tokyo ever since the Edo Era has continued to love it. The most famous way to eat soba in Tokyo is to “not bite the soba and eat it” If you want some authentic soba in Tokyo, we recommend visiting the Asakusa area!

Created by the Sumo Wrestlers, “Chanko Nabe” Even in Tokyo, You Can Only Taste It in Only a Few Local Restaurants

Chanko Nabe, or Chanko pot, was created from sumo wresters and it is a pot dish made for themselves. Sumo wrestlers require a strong and sturdy body, requiring many different nutrients which led to the development of this Chanko nabe where they can get many nutrients at once. The most basic chanko nabe has fresh meat, seafood and vegetables in the pot allowing people to enjoy many different ingredients. There is a variety of flavors in soups, starting with salt being the most basic and now, miso, soy sauce and such are becoming more popular for it’s refreshing taste. Finding a restaurant in Tokyo serving chanko nabe is rare, but if you go to the sumo wrestler’s town, Ryugoku, you will discover a few restaurants serving this chanko nabe.