There are lots of shops in Asakusa which are loved not only by tourist but locals. Kissa Akane is one of them. Since their opening, locals come to enjoy their atmosphere and food. Their food varieties are well balanced and taste is also great. Sometimes, they have special events too. Take a break at this tranquil Japanese café!

40 years history, an antique cafe

40 years history, an antique cafe


40 years history, an antique cafe2


Kissa Akane celebrated their 41st anniversary this year; it carries nostalgic atmosphere of old down town. Its about 10 min walk from Asakusa station but its quieter neighborhood. You can enjoy great coffee, waffles, and various sweet dishes. They have also a meal menu that includes home made burgers and their popular organic ginger pork.

Their today’s special bento box offers you dairy special dish like bean curd with minced meat.

40 years history, an antique cafe3


They also offer breakfast.

Their toasts come with salad. Some of the menus come with ham and eggs. Of course, you can add coffee to your favorite menu. You can have quiet breakfast without any company.

They have some comic books collations, so you may want to read while you enjoy your coffee. Current master would serve you with easy conversation if you want. Just come along to this vintage café, it’s just a quick walk from Asakusa station.

Events would also take a place.

Events would also take a place.


『 ~Do you like which whisky ?~』is an event at Kissa Akane. They also have an event with a professional magician. They offer some others different kinds as well. You can simply come and enjoy their events or  do some networking with people who have slimier interests.

Crash ice would be served during the summer.

Crash ice would be served during the summer.


During the summer time, they offer crashed ice with flavor syrups along side of Japanese sweet dishes. Other popular Japanese sweet menus are coffee jelly, melon soda and milkshakes. Why not try them!

details of Kissa Akane

・typical menu

dairy special bento box, house special curry, ginger pork


mon-fir AM7:00~PM8:00


the second sat, Sunday, national holidays


・address  Tokyo totaitoku asakusa 7-6-5

・tel 03-3873-6406

・public transport (subway, bus)

Tobusen toeichikatetsu tokyometoro  Asakusa station exit No7 :  about 10 min walk

Tsukuba Express Asakusa station : about 15 min walk

・Haneda/Narita airport, Tokyo main station access time

From Haneda airport: take Keikyukukosenkaitoku (imbanipponidaiiki) get off at Sengakuji station then change to Toeiasakusa line (imbanipponidaiiki) get off at Asakusa station; about 40 min

From Narita airport: take Skyliner No38 (keiseiuenoiki) get off at keiseiueno station and change to Tokyo metro Ginza Line (Asakusa iki) then get off at Asakusa station: about 60 min

From Tokyo Main station: take Jobansen kaisoku naritaiki, get off at Ueno station, then take Ginza line to Asakusa : about 15min

From Haneda airport about 40 min/ from Narida airport about 60 min/ from Tokyo Main station about 15 min

・official site URL