There are lots of Izakaya where we can enjoy Sake and appetizing dish in Shinjuku area. Especially, a lot of Izakayas serve us with Japanese style skewered chicken, Yakitori. In addition, there is an area where old-good bars and restaurants are standing in Shinjuku. It is very lively town. Each Izakaya has their repeat customers, so we can easily communicate with them. Today we will introduce some Izakaya where we could enjoy Sake and appetizing dish.

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About BanBan


「BanBan」 is the Izakaya located in Shinjuku, Kabuki-Cho. Kabuki-Cho has a lot of unique bar and Izakaya and is known as “Japan Night Town”. People come to Kabuki-Cho for good Sake and dish in evening. Especially, the Izakaya 「BanBan」 is very popular for Japanese style skewered chicken, Yakitori. This Izakaya’s Sake and dishes are affordable price but very good taste. So it is often be crowded with the customers who are particular both price and taste. This Izakaya has about 30 year’s history and has lot of repeat customers who attend here regularly for as long as 20 year’s. BanBan is located underground of the multipurpose building and could create the secret getaway atmosphere. There painted the 「BanBan」’s blue billboard on the entrance of downstairs. There are only counter seats and accommodate no more than 30 persons. But you should be bit more careful when you walk around Kabuki-Cho at night because it is known as dangerous area in Japan.

The Recommended Menu of BanBan


The recommended dishes of BanBan’s is various kinds of Japanese style skewered chicken. Yakitori is also popular among Japanese people and it would be awesome when we found the appetizing flavor when it’s grilled. The each part of chicken’s body has it’s own name. In 「BanBan」, in addition to general Yakitori menus like 「Toriyaki」 and 「Negima」 and 「Tsukune」 , they have 「Kashira」 and 「Reba」 and 「Sunakimo」 parts and these are also very popular. Moreover, these Yakitori can be had with quite affordable price. The skewered pork belly and the fresh salad with original dressing is also very good. About the Sake and cocktail, plum wine with it’s fruit and lemon sour with slice of lemon is good flavor. When we order another drink, after drinking present one up is the role here. Then we can see how many drinks we had by counting the pieces of plum and slice of lemon.

About the BaBan

Address: Umetani-Bldg B1F, 1-16-12, Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Business Hour: 17:00 pm ~ 23:45 pm
Regular Holiday: Open all year round
Access: 5 min walk from east exit of JR Shinjuku station / about 40 min from Haneda airport / about 60 min from Narita airport

Let’s try Izakaya in Shinjuku!

What is Izakaya?

Izakaya is the place where people drink and have a dish together and take a small party. There are several kinds of Izakaya, some provide Yakitori and skewered grilled chicken and ready-to-eat dishes. These Izakaya is tend to be small and have strong preference for the way to serve dishes and the brand of Japanese Sake. Business persons often visit these Izakaya and have some drink and talk with their colleague on their way home from work.

About Shinjuku Area

Tokyo, Shinjuku area has Tokyo Government Office and known as the central of the Japanese Government. We can see several aspect of Shijuku, urban atmosphere like lot of high buildings standing in a row, casual atmosphere like a lot of student is walking around the city, 50-year-history old town – Kabuki-Cho.

Try for the Hashigo-Sake in Shinjuku! The Tour Includes Local Gourmet for Yakitori and Izakaya.

You can easily enjoy the tour with English guide. It would take about 3 hour for the Tokyo Bar Hopping Nightlife Tour going around many Izakaya and can enjoy good Sake and appetizing local dishes. It is also good to be friend with the people drinking around you.