Yanaka Ginza in Tokyo has been retaining a good olden charm townscape.

There are many unique shops, such as Japanese miscellaneous items shop or T-shirts shop with Kanji characters on them etc.

But, this town is also famous as a place where you can eat while walking, not just for buying some souvenirs.

I am introducing the “Yanaka Manten Doughnut” shop. This shop sells a sweet doughnut that you can eat while walking.

Other popular souvenir shops in Yanaka Ginza will be introduced in “5 best street food in Yanaka Ginza.”

“Yanaka Manten Doughnut”

Source: flickr

“Yanaka Manten Doughnut” is one of the best recommended delicacies that you can eat while walking in Yanaka Ginza.

The shop has been introduced many times on TV in Japan, so its taste is trustworthy.

Adopting a baked doughnut without frying in oil produces a healthy one.

It is a matter of course that you can eat them while walking, but they are nice as gifts or souvenirs.

They provide you with a lovely package for that purpose.

You may hesitate to decide which one to choose, as they have a variety of products lined-up.

Source: 谷中満天ドーナツ

“Yanaka Manten Doughnut” has 2 significant characteristics.

Firstly, they have moderate sweetness to make the most of the original taste of the ingredients.

Secondly, they whip egg-yolks and egg-white separately and that method creates a fluffy light texture.

Their doughnuts are original so no other shops can copy them, maybe due to those characteristics.

In order to please their customers, they have a repeated trial and error on a daily basis, so please try one, if you are a sweet lover.

It is the very Japanese taste. Maccha (powdery green-tea) doughnuts with the pucker taste of Maccha and the sweetness of the dough

Source : https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61Aehj3PHVL.SL1280.jpg

When you come to Japan, you can’t miss tasting the Maccha flavor.

This “Yanaka Manten Doughnut” shop has been selling doughnuts with the Maccha flavor.

The dough melts like sponge in your mouth and the pucker texture of Maccha and the sweetness of the dough mix up nicely.

You will be addicted to it, once you try one.

“Yanaka Manten Doughnut” Outline

・Typical handling products’ names (more than 1 is available)


・Opening hours

11:00 ~ 19:00

・A regular day-off




Yanaka Ginza 3-8-12 Yanaka Taito-ku Tokyo

・Tel No


・The way to get there (subway / bus)

A 3-minute-walk from No.2 exit at the Sendagi station on the underground Chiyoda-line

A 5-minute-walk from North exit at the Nishinippori station on the JR-line

298m from the Sendagi station

・The time taken from the Haneda/Narita airports & the Tokyo station

48 minutes from the Haneda airport

45 minutes from the Narita airport

18 minutes from the Tokyo station

・Official site URL



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