Even now, the Yanaka Ginza area having a nostalgic atmosphere of Tokyo is so popular. Also, it is one of the pleasures to be able to do various eating tour. Your small hunger will be satisfied by the shops which serve various cheap but delicious food.

This time we will introduce a Taiyaki shop recommended in Yanaka Ginza, where they serve Taiyaki whose shape is Maneki-neko, a beckoning cat.

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Taiyaki “Maneki-ya” shop


Hearing the word Taiyaki, you can imagine a pancake with bean jam whose shape is the sea bream fish. However, Taiyaki by “Maneki-ya” shop in Yanaka Ginza is the shape of a beckoning cat as the shop’s name shows. Yanaka Ginza is well-known as a “Cats Town”, and there are a lot of shops whose concept is cats. Taiyaki “Maneki-ya” shop is one of them. The more you see the shape, the more unique you feel. It was designed by a famous Japanese cartoonist. Take-out is also available, and so you should try to walk eating the hot Taiyaki.

Source : flickr

Maneki-ya shop’s business started at 12:12:12 on December 12, 2012, in Yanaka Ginza. They love the number 12 so much. They serve various kinds of Taiyaki; the well-known anko flavor, custard flavor and matcha flavor. It is also exciting to try to eat comparing the flavors. Also, there are not only such standard Taiyaki but also items sold as a limited-time offer. Taiyaki is all made at the shop itself, and each Taiyaki is baked with their love. Taiyaki baked with their own special recipe never fails to satisfy us.

Amazing harmony of matcha bitter and anko sweet! Matcha flavor Taiyaki by Maneki-ya.

Source : 招き屋

We would like to recommend matcha flavor. The bittersweet flavor of Matcha well extracts bean jam’s sweetness that is not over-rich. Also, the skin of Taiyaki is so soft and easy to eat. They needed a lot of time and much effort to realize this mouthfeel. It seems that you can see the process of making Taiyaki at the shop.

OVERVIEW “Maneki-ya”

・Representative item


・Business hours


11:00~18:30 *Sat, Sun, National holidays

・Regular holiday




3-9-5 Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0001



・Direction by subway or bus

4 minutes on foot from Exit 2 at Sendagi station on Chiyoda Subway Line

6 minutes on foot from Nippori station on JR Line

319 meters distance from Sendagi staion

・Time needed from Haneda, Narita airport or Tokyo station

48 minutes from Haneda airport

45 minutes from Narita airport

18 minutes from Tokyo station

・Official website



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