Izakaya is Japanese local style and reasonable restaurant that allow you to have a good dishes while drinking Sake. The dishes served in Izakaya is cooked to go well with Sake. So we must enjoy good dishes and Sake at the same time. Today, we will introduce more about 「Washoku(Japanese Dishes)」among Izakaya dishes side menu!

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Delicious Side dishes in Japanese Izakaya.

Though we tend to focus on the main dishes such as meat and sea food, there are many recommended side dishes that is so delicious. There are good line-up that make you enjoy Japanese Food Culture, like 「Onigiri」 and 「Ocha-zuke」(this is rice and good flavor soup), the noodle dish 「Ramen」, the fried dish 「Tempra」, Nabe dishes. If you come all the way to Izakaya, we want you to try not only main dishes but also side dishes and fully enjoy Izakaya.

Recommendation (1) Rice Dish After Drinking.

In Japanese Izakaya culture, there are [Dishes to call it a day]. We have these dishes after drinking to finish the party and go home with feeling well. There are 「Onigiri」 that made from freshly cooked rice and seasoned by salt, and 「Ocha-zuke」 that is rice and soup. Some Izakaya have various toppings with it. So let’s find your prefer taste of dishes to call it a day. Why don’t you order these dishes to finish drinking with satisfaction?

Recommendation (2) Fried Dishes

We want to recommend Fried Dishes next. In addition to Japanese famous fried dish 「Tempra」, there are Fried Potato and other good fried dishes. Tempra tend to be thought it is expensive, but you can have it freely with affordable price in Izakaya. Each Izakaya use their own special ingredients. So it would be also interesting that we compare each Izakaya’s ingredients for fried potato.

Recommendation (3) Noodle and Nabe Dishes.

Noodle and Nabe dishes can be also recommended among Izakaya dishes. There are Japanese seasonal Noodle dishes such as Ramen and Udon, Soba can be had at many Izakayas. In cold winter season, Nabe dishes is very popular. It is the cuisine that includes a lot of vegetables and meats boiled with good flavor soup. We sit in the circle around Nabe and taste it. This is Japanese style. The soup flavor is vary.
There are soy sauce flavor, Miso flavor, and hot Kimuchi flavor.

Try Hashigozake in Shinjuku!

There is Japanese style of drinking named [Hashigozake] that means like bar hopping in English. And there is Tokyo bar hopping Nightlife Tour that allow you experience Japanese Hashigozake culture with English guide. An interpreter will be always with you so you don’t have to worry about the difficulty for language.